The power behind it all.

If you own a house, you’ve probably seen an electrical box on the exterior; but have you ever opened it and taken a look inside?

8491-5If you are not an electrician you may not know what purpose this box serves, and it is probably for the best that you do not tinker with the wires and switches inside.

Your electrical panel is actually a very important unit, carrying active currents throughout your entire home. When you turn on a light, that is a sign of your electrical panel at work. When you use the blender, your panel drives energy to the outlet in use. And when you microwave food, that made possibly by your electrical panel as well.

You need to make sure that your electrical panel is in the best condition at all times, not only for dependable usage but for your safety as well. Leave the tricky work up to the professionals at Lowes Electric, and let us handle your electrical panel installation or replacement.

Replacement and installation.

At Lowes Electric, we not only make sure that your electrical panel is installed correctly, we will diagnose any potential problems that we see. Before we leave, we ensure that your electrical panel is working properly so you never have to think twice about the power that you need.

Whether your electrical panel is old and outdated and you need an upgrade, or there is just a small piece that is broken, we can handle the electrical installation of new units as well as repair parts within your existing panel.

Our services include
  • Troubleshooting problems.
  • Making electrical repairs.
  • Removing old panels.
  • Adding additional circuits and outlets.
  • Making necessary adjustments.

Contact us today for your a free inspection of your electrical panel or to ask questions about how we can help you.

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