Repair not regret.

Besides creating a potential fire hazard, attempting an electrical repair on your own can put you and your family at risk for electrical shock. Our trained residential electricians understand the seriousness of electrical systems, and take their time to diagnose your electrical repair and fix it right away.

You should never put off asking a residential electrician for the help you need, whether you know what the problem is or not. An electrical repair that may not look very serious on the surface could be a potential fire waiting to happen, and damage your house if ignored.

Repairing your electrical system now can save you from damage and the cost of total replacement further down the line. With our residential electricians on your side, you can have the peace of mind to know that your electrical system is safe and will work properly all of the time.

Your friends and neighbors.

At Lowes Electric, you’re not just another client, you are our friends, family, and neighbors. We believe in building a long-term relationship with each one of our clients that cannot be broken.

Our residential electricians review, diagnose, and explain our electrical repair processes to you from start to finish, giving you confidence that you and your family are in the best hands possible. Your electrical system matters to us, no matter how big or small of a problem you may have. Whether your electrical panel failed without any warning or you notice smoke near an outlet, we are the professionals that you can trust.

Regular maintenance is also suggested to help find any potential problems and make the necessary electrical repairs before they become a problem. For your free home wiring inspection, call us today! There is never a bad time to maintain the efficiency of your electrical system.