Making the move towards electric.

More and more people are making the switch from gas-powered vehicles to more energy efficient, electric ones.

Not only are electric cars less expensive to operate, they:
  • Help to protect the environment
  • Encourage the community as whole to be less energy dependent
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • The electric car market is in high demand, and is only expected to grow within the next few years, but with the rise of electric vehicles comes the question of how to charge them?
Convenient charging.

As more people obtain electric cars for a variety of reasons, the number one thing many people complain about is having to charge their cars at designated stations. With limited free stations in California, it can be a hassle and frankly doesn’t make sense when you could charge your vehicle right in your own driveway.

If you have or are thinking about getting an electric car, our electrical contractors can provide you with the electric charging station that you need. Our certified contractors can handle electrical panel installations for Tesla, Nissan LEAF, and other electric vehicles, customized to fit your charging needs.

Using the right charging station for your specific electric vehicle is necessary. We will take our time to inspect your electrical panel and install the correct station for you, saving you battery life and hours of waiting at ordinary charging stations.

If you think that having your very own home charging station is right for you, contact our electrical contractors today. You can have the convenience you need and the electric car of your dreams. As a relatively new technology, you need an electrician who is familiar with this electrical installation process and can provide you with the best.


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